GeoSteppes: An Atlas to Business Intelligence


  • This is the website of a modern day Cartographer thrown into the business world. Our purpose is to construct a tiered methodology to employ the art and science of geographic analysis for business solutions - particularly in Sales, Marketing & Business Intelligence.

  • Classically trained in GIS with a M.S. from George Mason University and a B.A. from Penn State University in Communications, over the course of my journeyman's career I have wandered through positions in government, news agencies, consulting corporations and rogue start ups.

  • The hard-earned working theory I have developed is simple. In life, communication is hard work. In business, effective communication is critical. GIS provides a structured path for the visual communication of complex business data and ideas through geo-spatial analysis and display. In business intelligence, sometimes the first step is to “see your data” - the first level of common understanding.


  • Unfortunately, business intelligence & GIS are hard work too. It isn't easy turning millions of records in a database no one can use ... into a clear picture of your business everyone can understand, but its good work if you can get it. Part art and part science, GIS is the visual display and analysis of spatial data. Business intelligence is ultimately using data driven key metrics to divine better business decisions.

  • You need to “grok” your data. To do that, you need the tools and skill to parse through the “data smog” and gleam the relevant bits that truly will drive & inspire your business. This applies to marketing, business intelligence, site selection, environmental impact studies, fleet routing, customer retention, sales territory alignments, demand modeling and just about anything you'd want to see on a map to make the right business decision.

  • Hence, GeoSteppes are the successive, tiered steps to geographic analysis & business intelligence, with the words and skill of a wandering journeyman cartographer turned marketing director as your guide.


Leave me a note via LinkedIn if you need some help along the road of GeoSteppes. 

Sinam Al-Khafaji

Marketing, GIS, CRM & Geo-Business Intelligence